Face Recognition Technology For Your Business

In the era of stiff competition coupled with high crime rates & terrorism it’s essential to keep your enterprise premises highly protected by investing in the right security technology.
The Good old method of hiring a security company to deploy manual guards is still working, but there are more modern & efficient ways of managing crime.
Top of my list is a face detection technology mixed with the existing practices & backward compatible technologies that save budget while improving security.
Facial recognition is the fastest bio-metric technology that has one and only purpose – to identify human faces. Forget about fingerprint readers eye scanners & RFID cards.
The current face recognition technologies analyze the characteristics of a person’s face images that were taken with a digital video camera. It’s the least intrusive method that provides no delays and leaves the visitors entirely unaware of the process.

How does this work?
The mathematical algorithms of bio-metric facial recognition follow these simple stages of image processing:
Collection of physical or behavioral samples in predetermined conditions and during a specified time frame.
The gathered data is extracted from the samples to create templates.
After the extraction, collected data is compared with the existing templates.
The final stage is to make a decision whether the face’s features of a new sample are matching with the one from a FRT database. It takes just one second!

So what are the top benefits Face Recognition Technology?

The Improvement of Security Level
All corporate premises would be protected since you can track both your employees & any visitors that come into the area. Anyone who doesn’t have access or permission to be there will be captured & you would receive instantly any trespassing alerts.
Take for example a shopping mall, bank, hospital, a university etc. Any owner or security operations chiefs would prefer to keep their money & clients safe, avoiding unpleasant troubles with difficult/wrong visitors.
When you have a FRT in place, you’d be instantly alerted as soon as the wanted or suspicious character arrives. Which leads to a significant reduction of expenses one usually spends on security staff.

High Accuracy Rates
You can be sure that a FR smart security solution will successfully track every aspect of attendance to provide a better level of protection for your facilities & most importantly the security of your customers & visitors.
Accuracy ensures that there won’t be any misunderstandings & gambling with fishing out offenders & unwanted guests. With high levels of accuracy you’d be sure that the right person will be recognized at the right time.

No more Time Fraud
One of the greatest benefits that facial recognition technology offers is the time attendance tracking that allows excluding the time fraud among workers.
No more buddy favors from security for mischievous staff members, since everyone now has to pass a face scanning device to check-in for work. The paid hours begin from this face detection moment until check-out time. And the process is that fast as employees don’t have to prove their identities or clock in with their plastic FRID cards.
It’s crucial for corporations to trust workers but keep an eye on them just in case. Unfortunately, time fraud is one of the most common violations of the work ethics, but the facial identification tech will spare you a headache regarding this matter.

You are an enterprise & you are already short-changed of time, you got headaches manning premise security, dealing with shoplifters, we would like to speak & partner with you on better ways Detaline can help you weed out wrong characters in a split of time. Write to us on info@detalineventures.com

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