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ATM Monitoring

Embrace Control
Deploying a cost effective, practical approach to ATM Monitoring Management
Our solution provides what existing ATM monitoring solutions don’t: Ability to view the entire fleet of ATM Machines, their current health status, analysis and period of maintenance in one look easy to use monitoring dashboard. Apart from that this solution can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

A centralized dashboard view of all the ATMs in the network provides instant insight into real-time ATM status including security, for proactive prevention and resolution of incidents.

ATM Monitoring Benefits

Integrated call management system for call traffic. Users can enjoy an unparalleled array of features that are built right into the Business Call Managment Solution.

  • Terminal monitoring features that collect data on status change and indicate any potential or real problem.

  • Monitoring solutions with automatic healing capabilities, automated incident processing and resolution flow.

  • Autonomous configuration of new key performance indicators without input from the supplier.

  • Easy to use dashboard showing ATM geolocation map.


Flexibility the Choice is yours

The transparent modular functionality of the ATM Management and Monitoring ‘all-in-one’ solution portfolio means functionality can be tailored to exactly what you need, now and in the future.

Software Delivery Managment
Software Delivery Management helps you centrally manage, synchronise and personalise ATM software updates. Software Delivery Management also tracks and monitors all downloads and checks installation processes for successful delivery
Cash Management
Automating cash level monitoring, balancing and reconciliation significantly reduces the costs, time and resources associated with manual processes. Insight into cash utilisation results in optimum cash holding and replenishment schedules.
Security Management Software
Security Management Software not only protects against logical attacks including ATM jackpotting but combined with TMD Security hardware, also protects against skimming, card fraud and physical attacks.

Access Management


Key-Less Access

Migrating from old locks
Key-Less Access Management is the ATM industry’s first integrated key-less access management solution for ATM safe, top box, secure room and branch.

Our Security has integrated certified, state-of-the-art lock technology that is proven to be of the highest security specification, high-security HSM encrypted OTCs, mobile app, and central business server application for user and access schedule management

Benefits of The Key-Less Access Managment Solution

  • No longer a need to schedule appointment with CIT or key-holder to service and maintain ATMs.

  • Improved efficiencies result in stronger margins and more competitive service contract pricing.

  • Better client satisfaction – and more competitive pricing for contract renewal.

  • No longer a need to be the key-holder for service and maintenance visits.


The Main Features of The Key-Less Access Managment Solution.

No physical keys
The costs and overheads, also the security risks, associated with handling and managing physical keys are significantly reduced by replacing physical keys with secure One Time Codes (OTCs) and mobile app.
One Touch Access TM Security
A single, fast and easy-to-use secure access process for all ATM locks and access doors, using a mobile/PDA app instead of keys or cards, managed by the central Access Management server application.
Real-time One-Time-Codes
Single-use OTCs are generated by the Encryption Host in real-time – according to predefined permissions and access mode so there are no concerns of codes being lost or stolen.